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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bold--> IBE Boladrol

Usually I am extremely happy about new prohormones. Although I can't say I truly agree with IBE's new release, of Boladrol. My concern is the release of such a strong compound through legal pathways and marketing it as a nutritional supplement. In IBE's defence, it is not all over the internet on websites marked as a test booster. I would assume that the people buying it directly from IBE or PHF, (which is the same company, PHF purchased IBE) are purchasing it because they know what it is. IBE does not shy away from saying it is one of the strongest prohormones ever created. OK OK enough with my ethical bullshit! Let's tear this supp/PH/designer up!!

So Boladrol is 7, 17-alpha-dimethyl-androsten-3, 17-diol or more simply Boladiol (pictured below), Boldiol is a precursor to Bolasterone. To become Bolasterone, Boldiol must must have the 3-OH (the HO group at the bottom left of the pic above) converted to a 3-keto group. Technically, because Boldiol requires conversion to become Bolasterone, it is a prohormone to Bolasterone (pictured below). But because it contains 17-alpha alkylation and is most likely active in the diol version, I would classify this more as a pro-steroid than a prohormone. I consider naturally occurring steroids, mostly with 17-keto groups to be true prohormones.

Boldiol is basically a diol version of methyltestosterone with a methyl group at the 7th position. Here is a quote from one of my past blogs about the 7-methyl group. "I believe the addition of the 7a-methyl group will increase the androgenicity even more. Because this modification has been used before for the purpose of male contraceptives ie. 7a-methyl-19-nortestosterone(MENT). This is a nandrolone molecule with a 7-alpha alkylation to increase androgen receptor binding of nandrolone." I'm sure you can use your imagination to fathom how androgenic this compound is. The 7a-methyl group will make an inherently low androgenic compound like nandrolone, bind strongly to the androgen receptor. Boldiol is an inherently androgenic compound with the added 7a-methyl group.

An IBE rep quoted the compound as 6x more anabolic and 3x more androgenic than methyltestosterone. Thus the 7a-methyl must add to anabolism as well. To give you a further idea of this compounds strength, it is dosed at 2mg/cap, not to excedd 4mg per day. This is dosed at about the same dosage as methyltrienolone!

On the topic of liver toxicity I am going to lean towards the very toxic side. According to an article at mesoRX by Anthony Roberts, cheque drops AKA Mibolerone is one of the most toxic steroid ever made. (pictured below)

The article also warns against the risk of serious liver damage when using for more than two weeks. Mibolerone is basically a non diol and 19-nor version of Boldiol. Because of the similarity of these two compounds there may be some correlation between toxicities.

In conclusion IBE has produced a legal precursor to one of the strongest steroids available. I don't know whether to take my hat off to IBE or point the finger of shame. I will leave that part up to you.