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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Antaeus Labs Trenazone

Trenazone: Transdermal Dienolone

Antaeus Labs is a recent addition to the anabolics game. They have a very simply designed website that is easy to navigate. The information on the website is delivered in a very intelligent and straight forward manner. I have not used the product but just based on the websites language and lack of "supplement" marketing tactics, I believe they are a respectable company with a well designed supplement. Remeber that assumption is based solely on my first glance at their website.

Antaeus Labs has developed transdermal Dienolone. This is a 19-nor hormonal product in a transdermal carrier. Dienolone may be more recogonizable as estra-4,9-dien-17b-ol-3-one Dienolone->

If this compound and nomenclature look familiar to you this is because this is the parent/active form of the all so famous (now banned) "tren" prohormone estra-4-9-diene-3-17-dione, pictured below.

When the "tren" PH was taken orally it was converted via 17- beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (17-bhsd) enzyme, into the dienolone compound listed above, hence it was a true prohormone to dienolone. Once the compound is ingested this enzyme converts the 17-keto (double bonded oxygen) into a 17-OH molecule which is the active form, dienolone.

It is also the parent/non-orally available form of methyldienolone(now banned), pictured below.

Methyldienolone is the methylated or 17-alpha alkylated (17-aa) version of dienolone. The methyl group at the 17th position creates steric hinderance. This maintains the 17-OH molecule by preventing the conversion to the inactive 17-keto form.

With the orally available form of Dienolone, Methyldienolone; and the precursor to Dienolone, estra-4-9-diene-3-17-dione being banned; we are left with the parent compound Dienolone. The problem with dienolone is that when ingested orally it will be converted to to the inactive prohormone version via 17-bhsd.

In order to supply this legal version of dienolone to our bloodstream it must either be injected or delivered transdermally. Anteus Labs has saved the day by taking the liberty of suspending dienolone in the following transdermal solution:

Thiazone- (Benzisothiazol-3(2H)-one-2-butyl-1,1-dioxide) a cyclical compound with skin penetration enhancement capabilities.

Oleic Acid- Is a fatty acid, fatty acids have been shown to help permeate the skin lipid barrier and work synergistically with propylene glycol, the next ingredient.

Propylene Gycol- Specifically has been shown to increase skins permeability of steroids and works synergistically with saturated and unsaturated fatty acids for transdermal penetration.

Glycerin- Is included to prevent skin irritation.

This leaves us with an excellent delivery system for dienolone which should produce some serious muscle gains without the liver toxicity of oral steroids. This compound should be much more anabolic and slightly more androgenic than testosterone.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mysterious Monsterdrol XT

Recently there has been a great presence on the boards by a relatively new company, Ruthless Supplements Inc. This company goes by the acronym RLS, they are a branch of the brand Need to Build Muscle or NTBM. They both go by acronyms and both have very similar websites. These companies are owned by Nathan Chase, who also previously owned A couple months ago RLS released Monsterdrol XT which was supposed to be 2-cyano desoxymethyltestosterone, AKA 2-cyano DMT, AKA 2-cyano Madol. Which is simply DMT with a cyan group at the 2 position, the compound is pictured below.

Now this is all great stuff and normally I would be excited for such a great oral designer to be released. However, shortly after it's release, someone whom I am assuming has products which would directly compete with this compound, sent it to be analyzed by a laboratory. The results came back that it did not have any 2-cyanoDMT in it! It is purported that the wife of the owner of IBE had ordered it sent to the lab, but I believe a RLS rep and has not been confirmed. Regardless, lab results showed caffeine, .5mg of DHEA, and .5mg of Methasteron. The claimed ingredients on the label were not found.
RLS supplements did bite the bullet and take the blame for not having the products tested prior to selling them. They had the products manufactured by Reaction Nutrition.
This irresponsible behavior is the cause of restrictions on our rights as people; because companies especially Reaction Nutrition can act with such disregard for the public as well as the company they are supplying. It was not the best call on Nathan Chase's part, not to have a novel compound tested. When something is being custom synthesized for the first time I don't understand how you could blindly sell something to the public without a Certificate of Analysis. Shame on Need to Build Muscle / Ruthless Supplements, and especially Reaction Nutrition for their irresponsibility and poor quality.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Is It [LowT]?

As the shadow of the last decade disperses and the dawn of the new one sheds light upon us; we begin to transition from the played out to the new, fresh, and entertaining. With this, I place my scope of observation on the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA. Unless you had spent the last 10 years in Mexico, Iran, Turkey, Kuwait, Pakistan, Brazil, Greece, Iraq, Thailand, or some Eastern European country(don't quote me on each one of those) where steroids are available over the counter; then you know that the US has spent major efforts over the past 10 years cracking down on steroids.

The boys over at capitol hill even called in some MLB players to question them in a McCarthyistic style hearing. What did this do for America? I'm not sure but I do know the steroid hearings were lead by Representative Henry Waxman...

Enough said...

The steroid excitement came and went, tons of under ground labs, online stores, and local suppliers were shut down. The streets are clean and crazy strung out steroid junkies with drool dripping down their face, knuckles dragging, and muscles shrinking can't find their drugs. Where do these hooligans turn? The pharmaceutical industry you dope. They have arisen from the shadows with their new advertising campaign "Is it LowT?" Which means do you have low testosterone. Take a look

This campaign is presented by Solvay Pharmaceuticals which "is now part of one of the world's leading health care and medical research companies devoted to addressing important health needs of people across the globe." The devils serum, testosterone, is now a global health need!

To my surprise in the same week I saw the "Is it LowT" ad on TV I also saw this ad for the medical institute Cenegenics.

I will agree that the legal control of steroids prevents abuse and keeps them out of the wrong hands, i.e. children. I don't understand why doctor after doctor, after politician after politician, after reporter after reporter told us how dangerous they are. Now we have TV commercials and the pharm industry telling us how great they are.

In summary: 1. Political, social, and media anti-doping frenzy created. 2. The streets are cleaned of hormones. 3. Social attention disappears 4. Pharm companies are now promoting hormones for health.

I am not a fan of conspiracy theory but for some reason this seems like one giant coincidence.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Really VPX? Really?

Disclaimer: I am not in any way sponsored nor do I take sides or try to destroy the reputations of companies. I just use what I know to call it like I see it. I don't know too much about Purus Labs and to be honest their new pre-work out, while being a solid supplement, I do not believe to be anything monumental.

Today I began my usual internet-wide search for new supplements, supplement news/reviews, and gossip. During this electronic journey I stumbled upon a truly perplexing article. This article was an attack on the company Purus Labs by the company VPX, this article can be found on the VPX blog. Basically VPX CEO Jack Owoc(pictured on right), claims Purus Labs"is one of the biggest black market dealers of bogus steroids in America unlawfully operating as a supplement company." He also claims their write up on the supplement is a bastardization of research articles because it is for marketing use, at the same time he is trying to "protect the consumer" for marketing reasons. Continuing with the slanderous propaganda... he makes a list of what you, the consumer, will be doing, if you purchase products from Purus. After you purchase a Purus Lab product you will be:

  1. Supporting clandestine drug labs and dealers.
  2. Maybe purchasing supplements cross contaminated with anabolic steroids.
  3. May be purchasing a supplement purposely infused with anabolic steroids and or other drugs --Do you honestly think a drug dealer cares if your supplements are cross contaminated with air born steroids or steroid residue from unclean manufacturing equipment? Do you honestly think an anabolic steroid dealer wouldn't spike their Muscle Marinade with steroids.


With that said here is my second and final response...

Oh wait what is that Jack??? OHHH VPX 1-testosterone with a long acting cypionate ester... aaannd a rubber stopper to be used as an injectable???

I almost forgot my personal favorite.

Gangsta Tesssttttt.. that shit is fire ma dude... Could that be marketing to young adults? which are not in any need of hormonal modification! maybe just maybe, and the list goes on EQ(1,4 AD), Monster Test(M-1-T), MAD 250(methyl 4-AD).

Basically all I'm saying is take it easy VPX you started out the same way as Purus, making prohormones. I know you don't make them anymore but I'm sure you wish you could. You just don't have the same size balls you did when you were a younger company and that's ok.
I will leave you with probably the only quote I have ever remebered from the bible. "Take the plank out of your own eye before you remove the splinter from the eye of your brother."

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Is it Possible???

Yes... Yes it is my friends! A new prohormone has been released! (OK, don't get too excited it's more like a re-release, but I'll write about it anyway) and it just warms my heart to type those words. I thought the era of prohormones was over with the January 2010 ban; but how could I be so foolish. OK, I've expressed enough excitement for one paragraph. WAIT FOR IT!!! annnnd the "new" re-release is... ALPHA ONE by CEL.

Here we go... CEL makes clones, that's what they do and I have no disrespect for them because they provide a whole array of different, pure compounds to the consumer; and we the consumer appreciate that. The name is Alpha One, so the first thing that comes to mind is, this is a Methyl-1 Alpha clone. Methyl-1 Alpha was released by Legal Gear, about a year after the 2004 ban. I believe it was their follow up product to M-1-P. I took a look at the active compound listed and sure enough, Methyl-1-Etiocholenolol-Epietiocholanolone. The same ingredient that was listed in M-1-A, now that is where the easy part came to an end.

Armed with the simple knowledge that Alpha One was the same as M-1-A, I set off to write just that... Then I realized know one actually knows what the hell it is. Just looking at the ridiculous nomenclature one would think it is two compounds. Etiocholane is just another word for 5b-androstane(Figure 1);
Figure 1.

This term is used to denote a single 19-carbon steroid structure, listing it twice would mean there are two separate molecules. The label lists the entire name @ 20mg of, therefore we already know the nomenclature is wrong. Now, I don't believe methyl-1-etiocholenolol is even close to being an IUPAC nomenclature, but I will still break it down.From past experience we know methyl-1-test(Figure 2) is a testosterone molecule with a 17-alpha methyl group added for oral bioavailability and the double bond in the first ring is located at the 1 position instead of the 4 position, found in testosterone. So I will assume that this is a 17-alpha alkylated steroid being that the name starts with methyl. Next the etiocholane name is changed to have an -en instead of the -an which would show that it is not 5-alpha or 5-beta reduced and that it does contain a double bond in the molecule.The 1 in the name denotes this double bond @ the 1 position. Finally the -olol at the end denotes a diol, meaning there are -OH groups at the 3rd and 17th position. This would give us a diol version of methyl-1-testosterone(Figure 3), which would be a direct precursor to M-1-T with the conversion of the -OH @ the 3 position in the first ring.

Then there is a epietiocholanolone just thrown on the end. Epietiocholanolone is another name for epi-5-beta androsterone(Figure 4). So this is an androstane with an-OH @ the 3 position and a ketone @ the 17 position. In my humble opinion this is a worthless compound, it would take two conversions to become active. The 17-keto would have to be converted to an -OH and the -OH @ the 3 position would have to be converted to a ketone. This would produce a 5-alpha reduced androgen = DHT.
Those are the two compounds that I would hypothesize to be in this supplement. However, according to a post from William Llewellyn @ and a rumored quote from Patrick Arnold, this compound is 7a-Methylandrost-1-ene-3b-ol-17-one(Figure 5).
Which is basically Androsterone with a double bond @ the 1 position and a methyl group at the 7 position. So this product requires conversions at the 1st and 17th position to become the active form of 7a-methyl-1-testosterone(Figure 6).
If this is true, this would be a fairly weak prohormone to 1-testosterone or 7a-methyl-1-testosterone. However, the bottle is dosed @ 20mg's a pill and has a max dose of 60mg's, for a max of three weeks. It is also not recommended as a first time PH; H-Drol and E-Stane are suggested to be weaker. This would mean that there is a fairly strong, most likely 17alpha alkylated PH in there. If it were an androsterone derivative it would be dosed much higher for a longer pereiod of time. My hypothesis is that it is either a diol version of M-1-T(Figure 3) or a diol version of 7a-M-1-T(Figure 7). Now, if that is the case you can expect the diol version of M-1-T to be as M-1,4-AD is to D-Bol or as Halodrol and clones are to Turinabol(because M-1,4-AD is a diol version of D-Bol and H-Drol a diol version of T-Bol).

If it is the 7-alpha alkylated version I would expect it to be extremely androgenic. This is because M-1-T is 5-alpha reduced (lacking the 4-ene) which adds to androgenicity, similar to DHT. M-1-T is actually 2220% more androgenic than normal testosterone. I believe the addition of the 7a-methyl group will increase the androgenicity even more. Because this modification has been used before for the purpose of male contraceptives ie. 7a-methyl-19-nortestosterone(MENT). This is a nandrolone molecule with a 7-alpha alkylation to increase androgen receptor binding of nandrolone. It cannot be 5-alpha reduced so it will not be as active in the prostate but will still bind strongly to androgen receptors to cause the testes to shut down.