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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mysterious Monsterdrol XT

Recently there has been a great presence on the boards by a relatively new company, Ruthless Supplements Inc. This company goes by the acronym RLS, they are a branch of the brand Need to Build Muscle or NTBM. They both go by acronyms and both have very similar websites. These companies are owned by Nathan Chase, who also previously owned A couple months ago RLS released Monsterdrol XT which was supposed to be 2-cyano desoxymethyltestosterone, AKA 2-cyano DMT, AKA 2-cyano Madol. Which is simply DMT with a cyan group at the 2 position, the compound is pictured below.

Now this is all great stuff and normally I would be excited for such a great oral designer to be released. However, shortly after it's release, someone whom I am assuming has products which would directly compete with this compound, sent it to be analyzed by a laboratory. The results came back that it did not have any 2-cyanoDMT in it! It is purported that the wife of the owner of IBE had ordered it sent to the lab, but I believe a RLS rep and has not been confirmed. Regardless, lab results showed caffeine, .5mg of DHEA, and .5mg of Methasteron. The claimed ingredients on the label were not found.
RLS supplements did bite the bullet and take the blame for not having the products tested prior to selling them. They had the products manufactured by Reaction Nutrition.
This irresponsible behavior is the cause of restrictions on our rights as people; because companies especially Reaction Nutrition can act with such disregard for the public as well as the company they are supplying. It was not the best call on Nathan Chase's part, not to have a novel compound tested. When something is being custom synthesized for the first time I don't understand how you could blindly sell something to the public without a Certificate of Analysis. Shame on Need to Build Muscle / Ruthless Supplements, and especially Reaction Nutrition for their irresponsibility and poor quality.

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