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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Antaeus Labs Trenazone

Trenazone: Transdermal Dienolone

Antaeus Labs is a recent addition to the anabolics game. They have a very simply designed website that is easy to navigate. The information on the website is delivered in a very intelligent and straight forward manner. I have not used the product but just based on the websites language and lack of "supplement" marketing tactics, I believe they are a respectable company with a well designed supplement. Remeber that assumption is based solely on my first glance at their website.

Antaeus Labs has developed transdermal Dienolone. This is a 19-nor hormonal product in a transdermal carrier. Dienolone may be more recogonizable as estra-4,9-dien-17b-ol-3-one Dienolone->

If this compound and nomenclature look familiar to you this is because this is the parent/active form of the all so famous (now banned) "tren" prohormone estra-4-9-diene-3-17-dione, pictured below.

When the "tren" PH was taken orally it was converted via 17- beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (17-bhsd) enzyme, into the dienolone compound listed above, hence it was a true prohormone to dienolone. Once the compound is ingested this enzyme converts the 17-keto (double bonded oxygen) into a 17-OH molecule which is the active form, dienolone.

It is also the parent/non-orally available form of methyldienolone(now banned), pictured below.

Methyldienolone is the methylated or 17-alpha alkylated (17-aa) version of dienolone. The methyl group at the 17th position creates steric hinderance. This maintains the 17-OH molecule by preventing the conversion to the inactive 17-keto form.

With the orally available form of Dienolone, Methyldienolone; and the precursor to Dienolone, estra-4-9-diene-3-17-dione being banned; we are left with the parent compound Dienolone. The problem with dienolone is that when ingested orally it will be converted to to the inactive prohormone version via 17-bhsd.

In order to supply this legal version of dienolone to our bloodstream it must either be injected or delivered transdermally. Anteus Labs has saved the day by taking the liberty of suspending dienolone in the following transdermal solution:

Thiazone- (Benzisothiazol-3(2H)-one-2-butyl-1,1-dioxide) a cyclical compound with skin penetration enhancement capabilities.

Oleic Acid- Is a fatty acid, fatty acids have been shown to help permeate the skin lipid barrier and work synergistically with propylene glycol, the next ingredient.

Propylene Gycol- Specifically has been shown to increase skins permeability of steroids and works synergistically with saturated and unsaturated fatty acids for transdermal penetration.

Glycerin- Is included to prevent skin irritation.

This leaves us with an excellent delivery system for dienolone which should produce some serious muscle gains without the liver toxicity of oral steroids. This compound should be much more anabolic and slightly more androgenic than testosterone.

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