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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Is It [LowT]?

As the shadow of the last decade disperses and the dawn of the new one sheds light upon us; we begin to transition from the played out to the new, fresh, and entertaining. With this, I place my scope of observation on the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA. Unless you had spent the last 10 years in Mexico, Iran, Turkey, Kuwait, Pakistan, Brazil, Greece, Iraq, Thailand, or some Eastern European country(don't quote me on each one of those) where steroids are available over the counter; then you know that the US has spent major efforts over the past 10 years cracking down on steroids.

The boys over at capitol hill even called in some MLB players to question them in a McCarthyistic style hearing. What did this do for America? I'm not sure but I do know the steroid hearings were lead by Representative Henry Waxman...

Enough said...

The steroid excitement came and went, tons of under ground labs, online stores, and local suppliers were shut down. The streets are clean and crazy strung out steroid junkies with drool dripping down their face, knuckles dragging, and muscles shrinking can't find their drugs. Where do these hooligans turn? The pharmaceutical industry you dope. They have arisen from the shadows with their new advertising campaign "Is it LowT?" Which means do you have low testosterone. Take a look

This campaign is presented by Solvay Pharmaceuticals which "is now part of one of the world's leading health care and medical research companies devoted to addressing important health needs of people across the globe." The devils serum, testosterone, is now a global health need!

To my surprise in the same week I saw the "Is it LowT" ad on TV I also saw this ad for the medical institute Cenegenics.

I will agree that the legal control of steroids prevents abuse and keeps them out of the wrong hands, i.e. children. I don't understand why doctor after doctor, after politician after politician, after reporter after reporter told us how dangerous they are. Now we have TV commercials and the pharm industry telling us how great they are.

In summary: 1. Political, social, and media anti-doping frenzy created. 2. The streets are cleaned of hormones. 3. Social attention disappears 4. Pharm companies are now promoting hormones for health.

I am not a fan of conspiracy theory but for some reason this seems like one giant coincidence.

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