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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Impatiently Waiting the Arrival of Iforce's PROTODROL!!

This morning I sat down, while drinking my protein and waximaize shake, with intentions of blasting the nutritional supplement industry for a lack of innovation and creativity. I planned on addressing that and the over abundance of copy-cat/clone supplements, but before I was able to type a word... My eyes were drawn to a beacon of light in the distance. This glorious beam of incandescence was set forth by none other than Iforce nutrition. So, for that Iforce, I salute you. Iforce has a decent line of hormonal and non-hormonal products. I believe they were one of the first companies to re-release 1,4-AD after the 2004 pro-hormone ban. They also have clones which I was hating on earlier, but I believe that is all part of a good hormonal selection which Iforce would like to provide. I say this because the last supp they came out with, Dimethazine, was a fairly innovative and exciting compound. Although I am not sure of the validity of the claims, Dimethazine was two Methasteron molecules bound by an azine bond which was claimed to slow release and decrease liver toxicity.
"Now what the hell is Chris talking about???" you ask. Well I am talking about the new supplement from Iforce Nutrition called Protodrol.

Ok let's get down to bidness, the claimed active ingredient within Protodrol is 17a-methyl-5a-androstan-17b-ol. First I'll break down the name... Right off the bat we see the 17a-methyl, ok it's 17-alpha alkylated for oral availability, from this we can expect good oral absorption with no need for conversion to another hormone via 17 beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase. We can also expect liver toxcicity which is associated with all orally active hormones. However, Iforce claims a rare occurence with this oral which lowers its toxicity, but we will address this later. Next we notice the 5a-androstan, which means this is 5alpha-reduced and lacks the 4 to 5 carbon double bond. This will give us DHT like characteristics, considering DHT is the product of 5alpha-reductase and testosterone = 5a-reduced test. Next we see the expected 17b-ol which is the -OH @ the 17th position which will help us bind androgen receptors. Ok, all seems pretty common we have a methylated androstane... But, what about the third carbon? This is where we would usualy find a ketone, alcohol, or as we saw with Applied Nutraceuticals' The One in my previous post, a hydroxyimine. Well there is nothing. Nothing? Yes!! Nothing and here is the structure.
Generally speaking a 5alpha-reduced andro, causes the molecule to assume a chair confirmation which causes a flattening of the rings. This flattening is believed to increase androgenic activity. But, this molecule lacks an oxygen molecule @ the third position which is necessary for androgenic activity. It is believed that the androgenic activity of molecules lacking an oxygen at c-3 or c-17 is dependent upon the in-vivo oxygenation. I could not find any research on this molecule but according to Patrick Arnold of Ergopharm, this molecule has the same androgenic activity of methyl-testosterone and is 1.8 times more anabolic. In the write-up that Iforce released, a research article is quoted in saying steroids with saturated A-rings, such as in the case of Protodrol, do not induce increased levels of bilirubin. Bilirubin is a product of heme (a protein in red blood cells) catabolism. Bilirubin levels are evaluated for liver function tests. The rise in bilirubin can be associated with hepatoxic drugs. This does not necessarily mean it is not liver toxic, but it will be less stressful on one's body and liver.

So we have an oral with supposedly low toxicity, same androgenicity as methyl-test, and almost twice as anabolic! I love it, all we can do is wait and watch to see the real world results.

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