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Thursday, July 2, 2009

E-911 to be released by LG Sciences

LG Sciences, formerly know as Legal Gear is releasing a stimulant based product, to accompany their product, T-911, in the sublingual department. T-911 is a blend of androsterone and some claimed test boosters/SERMS. All of these molecules are delivered sublingualy with cyclodextrin. Cyclodextrin is a cyclical carbohydrate compound composed of 5 or more, 6-8 membered, sugar rings.
According to LG's site E-911 is a blend of "Caffeine, Geranium Oil Extract(#105-41-9), Synephrine, and Hordinine" formed into a tasty little sublingual mint tablet. The first ingredient, caffeine, is not only expected but I believe it is required for an energy product in the supplement industry; so nothing worth discussing with this compound.
The second ingredient, Geranium Oil Extract, is also nothing new but somewhat more exciting than caffeine. Geranium Oil extract is used for the ingredient Geranamine AKA methylhexaneamine or 1,3-Dimethylamylamine, which is a potent stimulant. However, according to Jalali-Heravi M, Et al. 2006, " The major constituents in the Iranian geranium oil are beta-citronellol (47.46%), citronellyl formate (11.00%), geraniol (8.74%), iso-menthone (4.32%) and linalool (3.07%)." According to Ping Z Et al. 1996, Geranium oil contains only 0.66% Geranamine, so an extract of this oil would yield a bunch or chemicals one doesn't need or want and a little bit of Geranamine which is the desired compound. This would be resolved with a standardized extract, but LG does not list the extract as standardized. You bet your ass if it was standardized for a favorable percentage of geranamine this would be listed on the label. Sooo... it doesn't sound to good for you gernanamine stimulant junkies, does it? But, wait... calm your overly stimulated central nervous system down for one second. I don't believe LG copped out and started pushing weak ass geranium extract. The label lists the CAS registry number for... you guessed it, our prized geranamine. This leads me hypothesize that LG listed the ingredient as an extract to keep the FDA off of their back and pack there new sublingual stim with the powerful punch of synthetic geranamine.
Next on the list we have synephrine AKA Oxedrine, which is another common stimulant found in many fat loss formulations. There is not much info on oral administration of synepherine. The Dietary Supplement Label Database claims it is a "Sympathetic alpha-adrenergic agonist." However, according to Carpene C, Et al. 1999, Synephrine may act as a Beta-3 Adrenergenic receptor agonist. This type of beta agonist shows promising effects for weight loss through thermogenisis, increased metabolic rate, and increased insulin sensitivity, they have even shown beneficial to blood lipid profiles. (Clapham J, Et al. 2001) These effects sound excellent, but more research would be beneficial.

The final ingredient Hordenine, is a phenylalkylamine alkaloid, which is an indirectly acting adrenergic drug. LG claims that this will prolong and increase the effect of the stimulants in E-911 and prevent crashing. However, research claims that it promotes the release of Norepinepherine stores. (Wochenschr D, Et al. 1995) Now, considering Norepi or Noradrenaline has a stimulant effect itself, I don't see how Hordenine prolongs the effect of any stims. Norepi increases heart rate, triggers the release of glucose to the blood stream, and promotes blood flow to skeletal muscle. These can all be beneficial for athletic performance and physical appearance enhancement, but I do not see how it would directly increase and prolong the effect of the other ingredients.
Just as I was finishing up this post, I checked the LG website again and it seems they have added Lecithin, Chitosan, and Acacia Seed Extract into the mix. Lecithin, is used as a food binder or can be used as a coating for tablets, and I am assuming it is used for the latter. Chitosan, is used to bind fat and excrete it, to prevent absorption and metabolism, hence less caloric intake with meals. Although Chitosan is used and marketed for this purpose the efficacy is debated and not fully supported by scientific literature. Acacia catechu, is purported to have anti-oxidant properties, it also contains various psychoactive alkaloids such as DMT and 5-MeO-DMT in the leaf and bark. I can't really take a guess at what the Acacia extract was added for, or even which species of Acacia was used. For this reason I will keep my mouth shut.
Lg has produced a stimulant based tablet with the ability to dissolve under your tongue. This should deliver the ingredients fast and effectively with a big punch for you stim users and those trying to burn off the body fat. I don't know when this will be available but keep your eyes peeled for its release at your favorite supp store and reviews on the forums.

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